International Certificates

  Remas has an advanced vision regarding the  languages skills.It depends on qualifying the students to achieve the level of distinction in learning a language .We enhance this vision through helping them to achieve the standardized certificates such as Cambridge Delf and Fit.

Learning Approach

  We consider our school the second home for our students and staff members. The school should be a safe,welcoming and caring learning environment striving for learners' engagement. It's the place where children and young people can grow and develop as individuals and members of the community that feel respected and recognized in their specific talents and needs.
   At Remas ,we are committed to the highest standards of teaching and learning and we are committed to continually raise standards and develop skills. We believe in creating an environment in which the children can learn effectively and believe that consistent teaching and behaviour management strategies are keys to this.

Second Language International Certificates

  We are keen to encourage our students to master a second language as well as the English language.We collaborate with ''Goethe-Institut'' and " Institut Français d’ˊEgypte" to achieve this goal. In addition to this, we teach the two languages according to the international standards.


The Diplȏme  d'etudes en Langue Française, 'Diploma in French language studies' is a certification of French language abilities for non-native speakers of French administrated by the International centre for French studies .


" Fit " in Deutsch is set by the ''Goethe-Institut'' , the leading organization in the world for the promotion of the German language . "Fit " certifies basic language skills in German and helps students to understand and use the language fluently.

Exam Registration

Students will be evaluated prior to registering for the exam and a fee will be due for the examination as applied by the French Cultural center and Geothe-Institut.