Our Facilities


All classrooms are fully equipped with latest interactive tools such as smart boards – active boards,projectors and white boards,classes are air conditioned and provided with lockers to all students.
School classrooms are observed by audio and video cameras system. 
All K.G classes’ floors are covered with rubber to maintain the students’ safety. 



We contribute in bringing up the students on balanced and comprehensive basics on both mental and physical sides. This can be achieved through our sports competitions and dancing shows.


Science Laboratories

The school is provided with a lab to each stage. Every lab is equipped with the latest scientific tools.
The science laboratories each cover all the branches of science including (physics, chemistry and biology). Safety is our priority, we follow all the safety precautions to keep our students safe and secured.

Computer Labs

The school is equipped with a computer lab for each stage. Computer labs are fully equipped with computer devices and a smart board.  Each student will be working on a separate computer.                    



The school has three libraries; a library for each stage. The school libraries are provided with the latest means of research in addition to a wide range of books, references and dictionaries chosen carefully in relation to our curricula.


We give due care to our students’ talents concerning singing and playing different musical instruments, we work hard to develop these skills through their engagement in Remas band.



We work on improving the students’ artistic taste by promoting them to make the best use of the environment materials. We achieve this goal through engaging them in different work of arts and preparing art galleries.


Home economic

We are keen through home economic sessions to improve their abilities to deal with the environmental resources and take advantage of their leisure time in doing useful things.



We have an indoor area furnished and equipped for praying. Students are allowed to pray inside the “School Masjid”.



The school is provided with a football pitch and the playground is equipped for playing basketball,handball and volleyball and our physical education teachers are professional trainers for these sports .

Swimming Pool

An indoor swimming pool (8m*12m) provided with internal and external lights. The surrounding floors are non-slippery to be safe for our students. The swimming pool is provided with heaters and changing rooms. The swimming coach is available all day long to observe the swimming pool area. Also this area will be monitored by CCTV cameras.




Remas runs a fleet of modern; Well- equipped air – conditioned buses managed by professional, experienced drivers. All our drivers have passed all the medical buses are provided by GPS tracking systems

A Trained and well educated matron accompanies the students on every journey and they are well trained to deal professionally with the students.


School Events

  • 03
  • Oct

6th of october victory

  • October at 2:00 PM
  • remas language school

  • 07
  • Nov

Al Mawlid Al Nabawi

  • November at 2:00 PM

  • 27
  • Dec


  • December at 5:00 PM
  • Remas Language Schools